ISOVER Insulation Solutions for Nuclear Application

The demand on the quality of installed products in exceptionally high in nuclear power plants, especially in the nuclear island. ISOVER products which are “QN”- marked are designed to meet these nuclear quality criteria.

EDF PMUC approved

Saint-Gobain ISOVER has many products approved for PMUC by EDF – the largest owner and operator of nuclear power plants in Europe.

PMUC is an abbreviation for Products and Materials Used in Nuclear Power Plant. The PMUC analyzes are essential in the context of the application made by the manufacturers to EDF for some of their products intended to enter Nuclear Power Plant.

All the products used in construction of the nuclear power plant undergo special approval procedure.

Project references - Discover concrete worldwide scope references.

Find the perfect reference project to inspire your project and see how our products can meet your needs. With a reputation for quality products and total commitment to customer satisfaction during the last 25 years, ISOVER constantly works to improve not only the thermal performance of its insulation products but also the resources necessary to manufacture them.